What is Diamond Painting

The struggle of creating a fascinating art fragment has been faced by many artists throughout the centuries, especially when it is about painting. Painting is a colourful wonderland where artists love to live and showcase unbelievable illustrations. There are many different kinds of paintings.

Have you painted a picture with diamonds? Sounds pretty interesting to many people. If you love crafting, you must have heard about Diamond painting. Diamond painting is a sensational part of the art craft world. It is one of the best crafts for paint lovers.       

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is an incredible form of art craft. The Diamond painting method is comparable to cross-stitching and paint-by-numbers, or we can say a mixture of cross-stitching and paint by numbers. It is not a painting that uses real diamonds.Diamond-Painting-Kits

Diamond painting is a form of painting in which a picture is designed on a well-crafted canvas. The artist originates a painting by sticking thousands of colourful rhinestones, tiny diamond-shaped stones, beads over the grid pattern. Your creativity yields the artwork to the most exciting level of beauty. These sparkling diamonds give dazzling effects to the picture. This innovative craft activity has rapidly become popular in the painting world.    

The History Of Diamond Painting:

In the past, diamonds were used in designing pieces of jewellery, handicrafts, shoes, different sorts of fabric, primarily utilized to embellish the beauty of velvet. Still, it was challenging to stick it firmly on velvet. The new method develops the interest of those who love paintings but are shy to demonstrate their talent. 

The latest and most effortless process of Diamond painting was invented by a company in China named Guangdong Dazu Yueming Laser Technology Co., Ltd. The company came up with a new different structure of placing diamonds accurately on canvas. After this fantastic invention, this innovative craft activity has rapidly become popular in the painting world. People are coming up with excellent techniques to make it more attractive with unique designs. 

How To Start Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is not complex at all, but you need to follow some valuable tips to develop creativity in your design to make it a unique and attractive form of craft. You don’t need to spend a lot of time learning about this beautiful craft.

Here are some helpful steps to start with this phenomenal Diamond painting.

Find A Comfortable Diamond Painting Surface:

Before starting a Diamond painting, the first and most essential step is finding a smooth surface desk of your comfort where you can enjoy your wonderful painting or get any table according to your height. It can be anything but should be comfortable where you can easily place the tools without any trouble. Start your activity in a peaceful environment where nobody distracts you. 

Get Fabricating Kit:

The Diamond painting kits are readily available in the markets. All you need is to get the right tool to create a fabulous piece of art. Kits come in various sizes. Each one may be somewhat different from the other. It contains a tray, applicator (a pen-liked tool) or a pair of tweezers, a collection of diamonds, stock of your canvas, and a container of a gel or wax.

  • The Applicator is the powerful tool that must contain in the kit. It comes in various shapes and sizes. We suggest you use a pair of tweezers also. It will help you to place a diamond properly.
  • A Tray is used to spread colourful diamonds so that you can easily choose the correct bead for your beautiful painting.
  • Diamonds are an essential element in the kit. Colourful diamonds in the kit will enhance the beauty of your design.
  • Canvas is available in different forms such as; plastic, resin, or fabric. You will get a designed chart along with it to guide you.
  • Wax or glue will be given to you to stick beads.

Spread Your Canvas On The Desk:

Spread your canvas on the smooth surface ideally. Straightened surface or your kitchen counter would be the best place to roll, but it should according to your height so that you can enjoy while Diamond painting.

Pour The Selected Diamond On The Tray:

Be careful before starting, think correctly, and select the best colour for the picture. Pour a small amount of the gems on the tray. Pour one colour at a time. It will help you to pick each diamond quickly and safely.  

Pour The Selected Diamond On The Tray

Remove The Protected Film:

There is a protected film on a canvas. Peel off it slowly before sticking the diamond. Don’t uncover the entire canvas at once. The gum on the canvas may dry quickly, and diamonds won’t stick if it’s dry once. Carefully remove a small portion and apply the diamonds perfectly on the canvas.
Remove The Protected Film from Diamond Painting

Apply The Wax To The Applicator:

Now pick the applicator and drop the wax. Make sure to apply a tiny amount of wax to the Diamond painting tool. Waxworks like a magnetic tool. Now gently place the diamonds on the canvas with the help of the applicator along with a sharp-pointed instrument so that you can easily identify the diamond in the correct position.

Apply The Wax To The Applicator diamond painting

Diamond Crafting Method:

Place each and every diamond delicately. Each diamond resembles a particular symbol or design on the canvas. Figure out which character corresponds to each colour before place the diamond on the canvas. 

Imitate The Process:

Repeat the process; make sure don’t remove the protected film immediately. Remove the film of the area where you are placing the diamonds. Apply the diamonds carefully onto the canvas in a similar manner until you have completed them. Make sure that the colours should perfectly complement each other.

Enjoy Your Painting:

After finishing with sticking diamonds, cover them with a protective sheet to let them dry. Press the diamonds slowly with a rolling pin to get the outstanding result of crafting. Properly observe the outcome and fill the missing gaps efficiently without touching the diamonds. Your painting is ready. Enjoy your shimmery Diamond painting designed by you. Share your incomparable experience with your friends and boosts their skills to enjoy the same beauty. 

Frame Your Stunning Success:

To keep it as a precious memory, you need to frame it with a suitable frame and hang it up anywhere you want. Make sure to remove the glass to enjoy its sparkling effects. Feel the new experience of your work and share your creativity with your friends and family. Read Our Complete Guide on Framing Your Diamond Painting, Some Amazing Tips And Tricks For Best Display.


Frame Your Stunning Success diamond painting

Difference Between Square And Round Drill Diamonds:

Furthermore, very important to know about the shapes of diamonds. There are often two types of diamond you will be noticed. Each one is different and unique. The colourful shapes and shimmery look attract the consumer, but before that, we must know how to apply them on canvas smartly to avoid trouble. 

Square drill diamond aligned more easily and neatly as it has four sharp-pointed edges. Round drill diamonds own a matchless beauty. It occupies less area and leaves spaces between each other on the canvas. You can place it easily on the canvas. Though it is less attractive than square drill diamond.

Is Diamond Painting Complex?

Diamond painting is not difficult at all. No experience required, no age limit. It is a fun kind of activity, where you can play with colourful, glittery diamonds. If you are a beginner, you should follow the steps mentioned above for an outstanding result. Start your project with a smaller size. 

It is not safe for your toddlers because it contains tiny gems. Keep away the painting kit from your toddlers. An excellent activity for people who are suffering from depression. It is rapidly famous due to its trouble-free method. Everybody can enjoy it and feel relaxed.

Some Common Mistakes And How To Avoid:

During Diamond painting, you may face some common mistakes. You may face trouble while placing the diamonds onto the canvas if it is not placed on flatten surface. Select a proper straight surface before starting the painting. Place the tray at the right side of yourself so that you can comfortably pick the diamonds from your applicator and place it neatly onto the canvas. 

Think carefully before placing the beads; if you select the wrong one and use it, the area would dry sooner. You can’t remove it with the new one. Select according to the number on the grids. Don’t pour more than one colour at a time on the tray. Arrange the colours according to your ease. Place diamonds before starting the painting as a sample without glue over the protecting film onto the canvas to better place different colours. 

Apply a tiny or small amount of glue on the applicator. Too much wax would drop down, you may run out of it, diamonds stick together, or your hands get messy. Follow the complete instructions to avoid common mistakes and enjoy your Diamond painting. 

Advantages Of Diamond Painting:

Diamond painting has become popular due to several good reasons. It becomes favourite craft artwork for people of all ages. No doubt the latest method of Diamond painting attracts people towards it. Creating art, fun with colourful sparkling diamonds and the most uncomplicated process highlights the beauty of this new painting. Here are some benefits of Diamond painting.

  • Relief Stress: This fun activity is very beneficial for your mental health. Daily busy routine becomes stressful for you. Diamond painting is the best way to come out of stress. Full of creativity and a peaceful environment reduce your stress level. Doctors recommend daily mental activity is beneficial to maintain your mental health. Diamond painting is a great source to dismiss hectic routines. It takes you to the world of diamonds. It diverts your attention from stressful practices. You feel fresh and appreciate travelling on a new track to reach the destination of beauty.    
  • Enhance Your Creativity: Diamond painting boosts your creativity level. Deep thinking and come up with numerous ideas of creating a new side of the design, utilize your brain to work more quickly and layout in a constructive manner more professionally. 
  • Develops Your Confidence: Diamond painting has another factor in falling in love with. It builds your confidence that you can also produce such great inventions while contrasting with different vibrant colours.
  • Disconnects You From Technology: Diamond painting flow you into its aromatic flavour. It forces your continued attention on it. Diamond painting arranges a way to get into touch with its bright stars. 
  • Enjoy The Artistic Community: The feeling of living an artistic moment refreshes you to concentrate more deeply. Enjoying living in creative flow is a great technique. The diamond painting joins you to a community where artists taste the aroma of imaginary beauty. You get connected to the new world of craft.
  • Stimulates Your Emotional Development: Diamond painting is another great source to express your feelings and emotions. You feel free to turn your words into a cluster of colourful diamonds. It helps to deal with your hopeless situations. You get motivation through this creative activity.
  • Improves Your Fine Motor Skills: Continuous focus on a subject develops your interest. When it comes down to Diamond painting, it generates your concentration level. A great deal of hand-eye coordination is required as drills are only 2.5mm long. Grow your skills to pick up such tiny drills and place them brilliantly on the canvas.  


After your first attempt, you would love to design things repeatedly in a possible manner. The modern process attracts this addictive activity. The beauty of Diamond painting takes you to the new imaginative station, where you are free to use the applicator to give a new direction to your painting. 

So, you must attempt this brilliant craft to express your feelings and enjoy the activity. This tremendous mental therapy releases your stress beautifully and calmly. Don’t get confused or nervous to gain this incredible opportunity to disclose your hidden talent. Demonstrate your skills to the world and drive on an artistic track to enjoy the beauty of the diamond painting.                

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